Güney Grupsan

Durability and Economy: Tents for Every Purpose

We produce fast-to-assemble, safe, economical, and long-lasting tent structures suitable for your needs.

Our Works

Choose the Fast, Economical and Safe Option


Use our long-lasting and durable tent structures without any problems for years.

Custom Tent Structures

We manufacture tent structures in dimensions suitable for your special usage needs. We customize the tent structures according to your requirements.

Fast Production & Assembly

Meet your urgent closed area requirements with fast production and fast tent assembly.

Secure Shopping

Make your purchase safely with a corporate company.

How it works?

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How it works?

We'd Would Like to Solve Your Problems

Area Requirement

You require closed spaces for storage, production, livestock or disaster situations.

Expensive Alternatives

The high costs of options such as reinforced concrete and heavy steel make your job difficult.


Delays in meeting your closed area needs are hindering the growth of your business.


You have to avoid dealing with non-corporate and unreliable companies.

Why You Should Choose Güney Grupsan?

On-Time Delivery

Güney Grupsan has the fastest production times and always delivers your order on the promised date.

Customer Services

We provide technical customer services before and after sales.

A Class Material

Güney Grupsan uses first-class quality PVC tarpaulins, insulation, and iron-steel profiles in their tents.

Custom-Made Tents

Güney Grupsan offers customized solutions for all your tent needs by designing projects based on your requirements.

Emergency Solutions for Emergency Situations

We offer disaster tents with custom logos of institutions/organizations, in accordance with special technical specifications.

  • Compliant with international technical specifications
  • Custom logo printed tents
  • Fast production and shipment
  • Cost-effective